The Knifelace® – The Perfect On-hand Tool for the Unpredictable Lifestyle

Safe | Stylish | Practical

Knifelace® Knife Necklace, Hammered Texture Pendant EDC Tool

Minimalist design with a sharp knife blade, secured by strong magnets. Fast, safe, single-hand access. Free worldwide shipping. 📦

For design-loving minimalists, this gorgeous necklace + knife combo is the perfect EDC knife for the unpredictable lifestyle.

Pocket knives are designed for just that… pockets. And yet we have found designers rarely place pockets in women’s clothing. Why?  Gowns, dresses, yoga pants, athletic shorts,  leggings, and scrub pants… no pockets = no knife. And yet the pocket knife is the most used every-day-carry (EDC) tool. 
We are equipping the unpredictable lifestyle with always-on-hand pocket knife… safely stored inside a stunning necklace. 


  • Safe: The knife is held in place with strong, rare-earth magnets.
  • Fast & Easy Access: Arms full? No problem. Your knife can be accessed with one hand.
  • Beautiful & Chic: Our necklace is inspired by top-rated necklace designs.
  • Minimalist: Clean and simple; this pendant is designed to go with any outfit.
  • High Quality: Our nickel-plated pendant has a brilliant, high-end shine.
  • Effective: 1 3/8″ inch hawkbill knife blade is made from 8CR13MoV stainless steel.
  • Strong: Extensively field tested, the knife is designed to last.
Having a knife on-hand is invaluable for cutting seatbelts, cutting through packing tape, opening up a blister pack, you name it. While you won’t be spear fishing with the Knifelace®, our hope is to make the strong-minded woman adaptable, prepared, and equipped. 


  • Blade style: Hawkbill / Raptor Claw
  • Blade material: 3CR13 stainless steel
  • Pendant material: Hammered & polished Nickel plated Zinc Alloy
  • Chain material: Stainless steel
  • Chain length: 20″ inches / 61 CM and able to extend up to 24″ inches for extra slimming look
  • Chain clasp: Lobster clasp
  • Packaging: Origami-style gift envelope
Fast deployment, Sharp Knife Pendant Necklace
Top rated: We drew inspiration from the highest rated pendants on the market, combining the best elements into one, clean-looking piece of art.
Geometric elements: The clean, simple lines match any outfit. There is nothing gaudy about the Knifelace®. The minimalist design compliments formal and informal wear—whether you’re wearing an evening gown or yoga tights.
Textured surface: The concave dimples create a uniquely tactile surface that creates an aesthetic juxtaposition that tricks the eye into smoothing out surrounding skin.
Long, slimming chain: The chain is longer than conventional chains (24 inches / 61 cm), which draws the eye down and compliments any body type by creating an elongated, slimming-look. 

Risks and challenges

MANUFACTURING: As with our previous campaign, we factor as much manufacturer error in as possible. We have tested (and re-tested) our necklace production process to ensure delivery on time at the high quality standards you expect. That said there is always a gamble in the manufacturing world. We thank all of our amazing fans for backing our previous tools. We hope this tool brings you much joy and use. HEALTH: This is a tool. Use with caution. There are magnets on this necklace. If you are adversely affected by magnets (e.g. Pacemaker), please consult a health professional prior to using. Use at your own risk. There are small parts; keep out of reach of children. Choking, cutting, and strangulation hazard. This tool is sharp and can break or the blade can be dislodged. This tool is not intended for self defense, ‘survival,’ or strenuous use. Tacticouture, Tacticlip, Beau LLC, Beau Chevassus, the creators and/or fans of this project bear no liability or responsibility due to the use or misuse of this tool. By purchasing this project, you assume full responsibility of the use and/or misuse of this tool.